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Zhejiang Jielaolao Commodity Co., Ltd.

Yongkang Jielaolao Commodity Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang Yongkang, a famous “hardware capital” in the country. It is a household goods enterprise integrating sales and production. The company pays close attention to management, checks the quality of the layers, closely combines the market demand, and creates a fresh and fashionable style of home, so that the products are beautiful and practical.

The founders of Jielaolao are three good brothers. In the process of growing up, they each have their own career and warm home. They often recall the childhood time together, feeling the time, and remembering the embarrassment of childhood memories. At that time, the embarrassment was still very young. Because of the changes of the times, I went to Taiwan. The brothers left the embarrassment. After many years of separation, they had the opportunity to meet. Today, the embarrassment has been white and pale, and after years of baptism. Now, in addition to giving her more companionship, we can also do something to miss, the embarrassment of childhood memories, the brothers discussed to save the shackles in childhood memories, hope that she will always be young and beautiful. So, our brand was born!

Since 2017, we have pushed the new products to the market, let the packaging please people, let the quality win the trust of people, and let the service touch people. With the enterprise spirit of “exploitation and innovation, pragmatic and enterprising”, the company adheres to the principle of “customer-oriented, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit” to create higher value for customers and provide perfect pre-sales and after-sales service to make “Jielaolao” brand. Constantly expanding market share, winning the trust of the people, and deeply favored by domestic agents, the company adheres to the concept of win-win for manufacturers, hereby recruiting agents from all regions of the country, welcome customers to negotiate or call us, Jielaolao and You win the future together! ! !

Corporate video

Company Culture

A culture, a way of life we insist

City letter: sincere heart, foreign trust in people. Whether it is for employees and customers, or for customers and society, we keep our promises, we must do what we say, we are honest, we don’t bully, we can do it, we will do our best.
Pragmatic: Gentlemen are ashamed of their words and go through their actions. We advocate hard work, pay attention to reality, carry forward the spirit of seeking truth from facts, and do everything well; oppose vain, reject fantasy, and despise rhetoric and flashy behavior.
Persistent: diligently pursue product quality, whether it is over or take off clothes result, have sought to achieve the best; unswervingly implement the established goals, until it arrives.
Innovation: Innovation is more than just struggle. We upgrade our technology and lead the industry into a new blue ocean; we innovate products to provide better experience for our customers; we create new business models and win wealth for our customers; we update management methods to save energy for businesses and society. Create value.
  • Corporate mission
    Jielaolao provides a comfortable and durable home cleaning experience for consumers who are looking for beauty, taste and convenience, and continuously improve people's quality of life.
  • Price concept
    To become a company that is respected by the society and welcomed by consumers, with high-quality products and services to enhance the quality of human life and create value.
  • Business philosophy
    Partnership and common progress!


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