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"Five-hearted" full service, one-stop thoughtful care
Jielaolao adheres to the "five-hearted" service concept of "comfort, peace of mind, caring, peace of mind, and intimacy". By integrating sales service network and professional third-party after-sales service platform throughout the country, Jielaolao provides you with one-stop thoughtfulness. service.
Our special service
  • one year warranty
    From the date of purchase, if the product fails in accordance with the instructions, it will be repaired free of charge within one year, breaking the “hidden rules” of the mop industry without warranty.
  • Lifetime maintenance
    If the product fails after the warranty period, Jie Jie will provide repair parts and only charge the accessory cost.
  • self-service
    Tow bars, tractors, mops, plastic connectors and other consumables or accessories are available for life. Users can purchase them at the designated repair outlets and assemble them themselves.
  • Online repair
    Online repair: Users can visit the official website of www.www.boholexplorer.com: “Contact” → “Online Message” section for online message repair, and Jiehao Customer Service will provide you with help and answer in time.
Service Hotline
Opened the national unified service hotline:
Patience to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the product.
Use and maintenance
  • Its own plastic material part
    1. Clean the inside and outside of the barrel. Add a neutral detergent to the paper cloth and rinse it off with water. Store in a cool, dry environment.
    2. It is forbidden to use the powdered metal wire to damage the plastic material part of the surface object itself when cleaning the inside and outside of the barrel.
    3. Clean the inside and outside of the barrel. Please add a neutral detergent to the paper cloth and rinse it with water. Store in a cool, dry environment.
    4. It is forbidden to wipe the damaged surface objects such as powdery wire when cleaning the inside and outside of the barrel.
    5, open flame heat source, some chemical liquid contaminants will cause deterioration, color, distortion and other damage to the barrel, please stay away from these substances.
  • Metal part
    1. Clean the metal mop rod. Add a neutral detergent to the soft cloth and rinse it with water. Store in a cool, dry environment.
    2, heavy acid and heavy alkali, bleach, chemical agents, pollutants will cause corrosion, discoloration and other damage to the body, please stay away from these items.
  • Replace accessory section
    1. Remove the dirt and hair dirt in time after the mop head is used, and dry it. Do not use the washing machine instead of washing.
    2, if the dirt is more stubborn, you can take a little detergent and hand rub.
    3. If the mop head is used after being used, it can be taken with some kitchen detergent.
    4. The mop head is forbidden to use the dryer. After drying, the plastic part may be deformed or the mop head may be cauterized, which greatly reduces the dust adsorption capacity of the mop head.
Jielaolao Six Advantages
Jielaolao is a modern company specializing in the design, development, manufacture and sale of rotary mops. After years of development and growth, Jielaolao has become the leader in China's rotary mop industry! Whether it is technology research and development, production scale, quality control, product design, number of categories, sales scale, are in a high position in the industry.
  • Professional made
    Focus on the mop cleaning field for many years
  • Technical excellence
    Has more than 60 inventions, utility models and patents for appearance
  • Excellent quality
    The product has a service life of more than 100,000 times.
  • Pre-scale
    It has two manufacturing bases in Jinhua and Zhangzhou with an annual output of 12 million units.
  • Design Beauty
    The products are carefully designed by famous designers at home and abroad to lead the trend.
  • Industry leader
    Rotating mop industry standard drafting unit
Join conditions
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1, agree with the philosophy of Jielaolao, and abide by the rules of market operation

2, with basic knowledge of network marketing and management and maintenance

3. Have an online store on Taobao, Pat and other platforms

4, the store reputation is more than 3 diamonds, the good frequency is more than 98.5%

5, full-time Taobao customer service for more than 3 people

6. Good communication and coordination

Offline joining conditions
1. Agree with the philosophy of Jielaolao and abide by the rules of market operation. 2, with modern marketing awareness and good entrepreneurial enthusiasm and professionalism
3. Have quality access and network resources
4. Have a certain amount of disposable funds
5, there are small household appliances, fast-moving consumer goods, cleaning supplies market operation experience is preferred