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  • 10-08>
    kitchen oil stains have always troubled us, especially the oil stains on the surface of the stove. when cooking, there will always be some oil splashing on the surface of the stove. if ...
  • 07-12>
    1. the head of the rubber cotton mop needs to be kept damp frequently. if it is left unused for a period of time, it will become hard. when using it again, you must refer to the first ...
  • 03-11>
    nano sponge is also called melamine foam and magic wipe. it is made by high temperature foaming with safe melamine as raw material. its stable chemical structure and three-dimensional ...
  • 10-17>
    the first time you use a collodion mop, you need to pay attention to the colloid head. the colloid head has two properties, one is soft and the other is hard. the soft rubber cotton he ...
  • 08-06>
    the cleansing dish towel is made of jiangxi sedeli and hebei tangshan sanyou viscose staple fiber. it is made of vibro-bonded ring, which is made by carding, drawing, roving, spinning ...